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National flag of Mauritania Welcome to the Homepage of Mauritanian Embassy

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mauritania to JapanI have the honor to propose this homepage to the public; it contains some brief notions about dominant historical, political and socio-economic aspects of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Rich in culture and ancestral tradition, Mauritania is strongly devoted to progress and modernism.

Today Mauritania is listed among the top10 countries that have known the best economic progress in terms of economy liberalization. This has led to a considerable result (+11.7% of GDP growth in 2006) that has won the approval of our partners of developments.
Geographically located in a strategically position (crossroad between North Africa and Sub-saharan Africa), Mauritania presents huge investment potentialities which are constantly expanding..

Adding to its huge mineral resources (gold, iron ore, copper, diamond and so on…), its Fisheries resources (+750km of coast, one of the richest in sea food products world wide : such as tuna, squids, octopus and so on) and its important farming capacities, Mauritania started exporting its first barrels of oil in February 2006. This new born sector will undoubtedly create immense perspectives that will boost the local economy.

The country has immense untouched opportunities for investment in the tourism sector, with its four (4) ancient historic cities (classified by UNESCO as world heritage), its natural and unique sites (Arguin park, National Diawling Park), its unexplored beaches and its far stretched desert offering some exotic scenaries.
The atmosphere of peace, security and political stability in Mauritania added to government determination to move forwards for good governance and transparency have reinforced the trust of the financing community as well as the investors.

The commitment of H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President of the Republic to focus on democracy reinforcement and to provide the country with efficient and sustainable infrastructure that would boost the economy thus enhance the country’s GDP growth.

The recent successful organization on last June 2010 of a Round Table at Brussels between Mauritanian government and its development partners who have decided to mobilize about 3.2 billions USD to support the country’s development program in the 3 coming years, had been a priceless push towards political, social as well as economic stability.

Japan as a country that has established diplomatic relations with Mauritania since its independence in 1960, is today one of the country’s great ODA providers and has remained its main commercial partner likewise in sea food products (octopus).

I do hope strongly that the visit of this site, will allow the Japanese public to find better more information about Mauritania. This will for sure help to reinforce the excellent friendly relations and cooperation that exist between our two countries.

Welcome to Mauritania.

 Yahya NGAM
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mauritania to Japan

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